The Adventure in Learning Social Media

Attending class with Dr. Bret Simmons is pushing me to go further with blogging.  It’s an adventure just taking a class with him, sitting with my fellow ProNetters and feeling like I’m in college again.  He asks “what are you  going to blog about?”.  My mind is blank.  He assures us that our minds WILL go blank, that we will have difficulty writing blogs and that most of us won’t do it.  I take that as a challenge.  He’s smart, he goes to the heart of my competativeness without even knowing that it is one of my weaknesses.

I know I’ll do this again soon.  Some ideas that are bubbling up are:  the psychology of unemployment, social media for the older of us, how to have things you like to do (vocations) interplay with what you do (employment).


About barbarajhopkins

Non-profit Management. My purpose is to help people and non-profit organizations be successful in their mission and vision goals. Living the adventure life in Reno, NV.
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